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Less talk, more rock.

Something about me
Hi, my name is Lorenzo! Born in 1980 in Milan, Italy; graduated in Architecture, I am a User Interface designer and Web Developer since 2002, with a passion for music and Mixed Martial Arts.

I do like computers :p
My crush on electronic devices and nerdy stuff began during the hot summer of '86, when my parents had the unfortunate idea to buy their first computer, an amazing Olivetti M19 with a green/black monitor.. That poor computer didn't last too long..

My job
I am currently working in Japan as Senior UI designer for the super nice guys at EF Education First. From 2002 to 2010, as a freelance, I have been collaborating with many italian and international web / graphic agencies, developing websites, User Interfaces, games, web applications and graphics for a wide range of customers.

Feel free to contact me! I speak English and Japanese with a laughable italian accent. Can't really fix that haha :)

This is what i do
- UI / UX
- Websites and RIA developing
- Mobile games and applications developing (IOS, Android)
- Casual games developing (2D / 3D)

My Tool Box
- Adobe Suite
- HTML5 + CSS + JS
- PHP5 + MySQL, Node.js
- Actionscript 3.0
- XCode, Objective C



472 high quality glyphs


Photoshop documentor plugin


utility class to manage.. random


minimalistic patterns


Ultra light, assets free video player


Photoshop files optimizer

Well.. these are just small projects I am mantaining for fun when i have a little bit of free time. If you are interested in my portfolio or if you have other design related questions, feel free to contact me!


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